Offering & Activities

Our eye care offering is mainly package driven to enable us to offer all our children a complete eye sight care and enhancing solution using only the best in optometry technology, processes and products. It is comprised of the following:

  • Optometric Screening
  • Optometric Testing
  • Visual Field Testing
  • Tonometry Screening
  • Color Vision Testing
  • Contrast Sensitivity Testing.

Orphaned and Vulnerable care and support encompasses:

  • We have formed partnerships with stakeholders that have common objectives such as the local child welfare, the local social workers, community leaders and local businesses as well as local NPO’s working in common areas of supportive interest to We Foundation.
  • We manage HIV/AIDS and identify opportunistic diseases within disadvantaged schools and their immediate communities.
  • We render holistic HIV/AIDS care and support to children infected and affected by the pandemic
  • Basic Human Rights
  • Motivational Talks

Children who are orphaned and vulnerable are briefed on the importance of eye care and HIV education using charts and pamphlets; this is done in order to empower them about the reasons for our visit. They are also involved in game plays as well as role playing in an attempt to build their capacity in these areas of interest.

Motivational and self image: implementing life skills as part of the school curriculum for learners; training teachers to use participatory techniques and a learner-centered approach as well as working with parents, principals and community leaders, local social workers and child welfare as well as local NPO’s to create a supportive environment for youths to act on what they have learnt.

Talks and mini workshops are given to encourage the children to have a positive outlook on themselves as a whole. To be able to see themselves as people who matter to themselves as well as to their society at large.